If you have a passion for youth and would like to volunteer your time and join us in our projects, we have room for YOU! Perhaps you've seen first-hand the devastation alcohol abuse can have on a youth, who becomes an adult, and then a family. Take your passion, empathy, frustration, anger, or concern, and use that energy toward educating our community in the steps to the prevention of alcohol abuse. According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 1/2 of alcoholics are addicted by age 21, and 2/3 are addicted by age 25 (for more information click here); therefore, we need to work early. We need to work NOW.

We have many opportunities for volunteers and would like to see you working in your area of experience or interest.  But we’re also happy to teach you and very happy to learn from you.  We want to hear your ideas! Eventually, CAPI’s (Catoosa Alcohol Prevention Initiative) work will become completely community owned and run. This won’t happen without you. Following are some areas where we could use some help. You can be involved with us as little or as much as fits into your schedule. All help is appreciated!  Please click here to contact us or volunteer.

To find out ways to volunteer with us, click here.