Prescription Drug Abuse: It's Not What the Doctor Ordered. (Click here to download materials)
“Prescription Drug Abuse: It's Not What the Doctor Ordered is apart of the Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative Training. The goal of this document is to prevent and reduce prescription drug abuse in Georgia. The topics covered are: secure storage and safe disposal of drugs; monitoring; education; and enforcement.”

The Family Collaborative (Click here to go to this site)
“The Family Collaborative located in Catoosa County, Georgia brings together government agencies, community leaders, and individuals who are family advocates.  This group brings issues and problems to the table and works collaboratively to plan solutions. “

Catoosa County Public Schools (Click here to go to the site)
"Catoosa County Public Schools provides a high quality education for all students in a positive and safe learning environment."

The Center for Hope Counseling Services (Click here to go to the site)
Our primary focus is a faith based organization that will include professional and multi-educational counselors, community leaders, pastoral counselors, grief specialists, workshop and trained focus group facilitators that will lead, help, direct and empower those who need direction in life's ever changing environment."

Catoosa Performance Learning Center (PLC) (Click here to go to the site)
The goal of the Catoosa Performance Learning Center is to graduate students who possess the necessary skills for success in post-secondary education and the workplace through the provision of an optional, unique learning environment that is both caring and challenging."

Georgia Kids Count (Click here to go to the site)
The Georgia KIDS COUNT Data Center, the most comprehensive collection of data, research, and information on Georgia's children, families and communities."

Be The Wall Campaign (Click here to go to the site)

Voices for Prevention (Click here to go to the site)

GASPS Data Warehouse (Click here to go to the site)

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (Click here to go to the site)

Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Development Disabilities (Click here to go to the site)

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